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Guided Adventures

Get out on the water or the trails with a private guide of your own or join a group! This is the best way to see the authentic North Coast that most travelers miss.

Do you want an up-close experience with the wild nature of the North Coast away from the groups of tourists? With Outer Coast Outfitters, we have a maximum group size, not a minimum, so that you are sure to have a personalized experience with a guide who can customize the trip to your interests. 


  • Adult Waiver
  • Child Waiver
  • Day Trip Medical Quetionnaire

  • Canoe Trips

    Want to get out for a paddle with a skilled guide so that you can focus on enjoying the views? Our canoe trips are based on a half day or a full day on the water. We can paddle a local lake surrounded by mountains or explore the salty shoreline of Kaien Island. Even river trips can be arranged by request. We provide all necessary gear for a safe trip as well as snacks on half-day trips and lunch if we're out all day. *We are currently switching over our booking system. Please call or email to plan your trip.

    Day Hikes & Snowshoe Trips

    You've done the Butze Rapids Trail, but you're looking for more: more of a challenge, some wild terrain or the trails that you get all to yourself. We can help! Trekking poles and snowshoes provided if needed. Snacks are always included as well as lunch for all-day hikes. We are currently switching our booking system. Please call or email to arrange a trip.

    Are you ready to get outdoors with Outer Coast Outfitters?