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Canoe Trips

Want to get out for a paddle with a skilled guide so that you can focus on enjoying the views? Our canoe trips are based on a half day or a full day on the water. We can paddle a local lake surrounded by mountains or explore the shoreline of Kaien Island. We provide all necessary gear for a safe trip as well as snacks on half-day trips and lunch if we're out all day.

Private Canoe Guiding

We are available for privately guided canoe trips. If you are interested in a customized trip with only yourself, your chosen group and a guide, get in touch for a planning session! Location of trips will be determined by your interests, weather and environmental conditions. We can guide you through Provincial Parks, lakes and ocean environments. 

Call us at: 1-855-622-2029 or book a trip here!


Public Canoe Trips 

If you don't mind joining a group of the public, we have that option, too. Sometimes meeting new people is part of the fun! Book your trip for any day one of our guides is available. 

Call us at: 1-855-622-2029 or book a trip here!




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