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Day Hikes & Snowshoe Trips

You've done the Butze Rapids Trail, but you're looking for more: more of a challenge, some wild terrain or the trails that you get all to yourself. We can help! Trekking poles and snowshoes provided if needed. Snacks are always included as well as lunch for all-day hikes. We are currently switching our booking system. Please call or email to arrange a trip.

Rugged Waterfall Hike

Enjoy a temperate rainforest hike along a dramatic gulley up to a picturesque, double-level waterfall in the woods. This is a short hike straight up and down the lower portion of Mt. Hays, following Wolf Creek continuously with multiple opportunities to view the waterfalls as well as the historical infrastructure from the dams that once fed the city of Prince Rupert. This trail is often lined with seasonal flowers and edible berries to enjoy while you climb.

*This is very much a hike, not a walk in the woods. The trail is user-maintained, not manicured and features very wet sections, loose rock and sections requiring careful footwork. Guests should have good balance, general fitness, full range of motion and be comfortable with high steps and using handlines. Hiking boots, rain boots or running shoes are required with the knowledge that they will get wet and dirty.

Length: Average of 2 hour hike

Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging - Although this is not a long hike, the majority is on a moderately steep grade, it requires climbing over and under natural obstacles.

Cost: $220 / solo traveler or $110 per person with group of 2 or more

Price includes a private guide, transportation to and from lodging, snacks, drinks and use of gaiters and hiking poles.

Call 250-622-2029 or email info@outercoast.ca


Lookout Trail

An historic trail to a WWII lookout point on Mt. Hays is now clear and open for guided hikes! If you have an interest in history or just love a hike with a view, this is for you. This hike will give you a true northern, rainforest experience with a trail that sometimes seems more like a stream (sometimes frozen!), big Western, Red Cedar and Sitka Spruce and a chance to look down over the islands scattered off-shore.

Length: Average of 3-4 hour hike

Difficulty: Challenging - This hike goes straight up Mt. Hays, so there are very steep sections, high steps and slippery, rough terrain. The hike can be modified from a loop to an out-and-back hike that is somewhat less challenging, though still shares the same qualities, but to a lesser degree. 

Cost: $375 for a solo traveler or $187.50 per person with groups of 2 or more


Additional hikes and custom options available. Just ask if you don't see what you are looking for. 

Full day hikes up one of the local mountains are also available. Starting at $450.


Options include a professional guide (or two, as needed) snacks, shuttle by van to and from the trail head.

Completion of medical questionnaires and waivers are required for all participants. Clients should dress appropriately for the weather with hiking boots with gaiters (available by request at no extra charge) or rainboots, waterproof outerwear and ideally, layered hiking clothes. See our guide to dressing for our weather at the bottom of the page.

50% deposit is required to hold a reservation. Cancellations within 7 days of trip departure cannot be refunded.




  • Guide to Dressing for the Weather

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